2000 - USA California

This time we started in Los Angeles on March 18, 2000. We will fly back to Switzerland after 2 weeks again from Los Angeles. This page will show the the pics of our trip as soon as they have been made, day by day.
Below you'll find some pictures about the stations of our trip.

18.03.2000 - Arrival in LA
Just after arrival in LA we picked up our rental car. We were lucky it was a blazer !!!!

19.03.2000 - Trip to Palo Alto
Today we drove up from Los Angeles to Palo Alto. Because we were on the road the whole day there are no pictures of this day.

20.03.2000 - The Aquarium of Monterey
The seafloor along the coast of Monterey Bay is dropping very quickly to a depth of 3.2 km. Therfore they are doing research about the deep sea in this ocean. In Monterey the built an Aquarium where they show animals out of the deep sea and where they explain the enviromnent out there.
Bird which can be watched in the exhibition of Monterey Aquarium.

21.03.2000 - San Francisco
This was our reception comittee in San Francisco.
SF1.jpg SF2.jpg
Impressions from San Francisco.

22.03.2000 - Napa Valley
Today we headed from San Francisco north to Napa Valley. So we had to leave San Francisco over the famous "Golden Gate" bridge.
GoldenGate2.jpg Speed.jpg
But we didn't drive to fast, did we ...
Apart from tasting wines there are other interesting things to see in the Napa Valley. There is the "Old Faithful" Geyser in Calistoga. It is situated in the center of an inactive vulcano. It throws water every 10 minutes. It can even predict earthquakes. There are also these petrified trees. We also tasted some wine, but we didn't make any pictures of that ...

23.03.2000 - From Napa Valley to Reno
Because we want to go to Las Vegas tomorrow we drove from Napa Valley to Reno. On our way to Reno we had to pass the Sierra Nevada near Lake Tahoe where you can see still some snow.

24.03.2000 - From Reno to Las Vegas
Today we had to drive more than 450 miles from Reno to Las Vegas. The above pictures give an impression about the landscape we drove through and our arrival in Las Vegas.

25.03.2000 - Las Vegas
TourEiffel.jpg CeasarsPalace.jpg
Las Vegas has changed extremely since I have been here last time. Where am I? In Paris in Venetia? The weather is warm and sunny but the place is really crowded over the weekend. And it has become more expensive during the last years.