1997 - USA the South-East

In July 1997 we have been travelling in the South-East of the USA. On our 4 week trip with a rental car we started in Miami. After our first night stay in Ford Lauderdale, we headed for the east-coast of Florida passing the Everglades. From there we drove along the coast of the gulf of mexico until we reached New Orleans (almost at the same time with hurricane "Danny" which we missed just by a few hours).

After a few days with jazz and good food in New Orleans we decided to visit the city of Elvis: Memphis Tennessee. There we visited the Sun Records Studios and of course Graceland. At this time we have definitely arrived on the track of music. Therefore we had to continue our trip to Nashville the heart of country-music. Of course we visited bars to listen to this kind of music.

By passing Chattanooga (and a visit at the Jack Daniels Distillery) we arrived at Atlanta the home of Coca Cola. From Atlanta we headed back to the Atlantic coast where we visited the small but interesting citiy Charleston.

Now we had to think about heading back to Miami because from there we had to fly back to Europe. So we followed the Atlantic coast soutwards. On this way we visited Daytona, Orlando (like every tourist we had to visid Disney World and Sea World) and Cape Canaveral. If you are interested in technics I can really recommend this place. They show you really intersting things about the Appollo- and the recent US space-programs for a really good price.

Before we had to fly back home we wanted to visit the absolute south of the United States. So we headed for Key West, where we stayed for one night. Coming back from there we stayed a few days in Miami Beach before we took the plane back home.

Below you'll find some pictures about the stations of our trip.

Florida - The Sunshine State

pelican.jpg alligator.jpg
The beginning of our trip. These guys were the ones we firstly met after our arrival. The alligator we met on our trip through the everglades on our way from Fort Lauderdale to the Gulf of Mexico. Pelicans are a familar view all over Florida. This one we saw in St. Petersburg.

New Orleans - The City of Jazz

neworleans.jpg jazz01.jpg
New Orleans is the heart of Jazz, mainly Dixieland. You find bands playing in the street as these young guys on the pictures. They were really fun to listening to (I hope the pictures give an impression about that). In the evenings you can go to the legendary Bourbon Street. There you will find everything: good food (if you like spicy food New Orleans is the place to go), clubs which are playing modern music and of course jazz clubs.

jazz02.jpg But New Orleans has also other attractions. They have an aquarium which is really worth seeing. Also the city itselfs with its special architecture is a reason for a visit.

Apart from that you can book rides on one of the famous Mississippi steam-ships. Or visit a cemetery which is also very special if you are interested in such places (but be careful about the opening hours).

Memphis - Where Elvis Presley came from

In the Sun Records studios the career of Elvis Presley began. There he was discovered by Sam Phillips. There he also made his first recordings which were firstly played on a local radio station an later all over the USA and the rest of the world.

sun02.jpg sun03.jpg Here are some impressions how it looks inside.

In the Sun Records studios als other famous musician like Jonny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis etc. made their recordings.

elvis.jpg fans.jpg Of course we were also visitig Graceland the home of Elvis. Here are some impressions from there.

Atlanta - The Home of Coca Cola

atlanta01.jpg coke.jpg
Atlanta - the hottest city in the USA. No wonder that Coca Cola has been invented here and that Atlanta is still the home of this soft-drink. The Coca Cola museum is really worht a visit. You are able to see how Coke developped, since it has been invented. You are also able to taste the different brands of soft drinks which are produced by the Coca Cola group all over the world.

Take your time to have a look at the city itself. Look out for the passages between the different buildings which allow to move from one house to another without having to reach the street level.

atlanta02.jpg Unfortunately it is not possible to visit the Olympic stadium because they demolished it shortly after we have been there. But they have a nice new baseball-stadium. If you like this sport, you could probably manage to go for a game.

Mixed impressions from Atlanta downto Key West

Our car at Daytona-Beach.


The famous light-parade in disney world. Have fun with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and all their friends.

keywest.jpg Imagine lying under a palm-tree on the beach of key west and watching into the bright sunlight.


A typical art-deco building in Miami-Beach.